aurea univrsity

We are developing the world’s first university that operates entirely in
three-dimensional virtual reality (VR). Around the university we are
building the first learning metaverse – a virtual 3D world for encounters, for
game challenges and for the easy integration of other universities,
companies, and mentors.

A fascinating world is emerging. A world where studying, communicating, and developing new knowledge will be more exciting and motivating than ever before.

We work with the latest methods of VR animation, game mechanics, and blockchain technology, as well as NFT certification.

Come to aurea university!

Study in a virtual reality! Why?

Because with virtual 3D animations we can present academic knowledge in a much simpler and more understandable way than has ever been imaginable.

Our students understand the course material faster and are less likely to forget it.

Everyone learns differently. We use artificial intelligence to analyze individual learning behavior and offer each of our students specially adapted teaching processes.

We select the teaching content for our VR lectures very carefully. Traditional universities employ one professor for many subjects. We employ many professors for one subject.

Generation Z

In the next 5 years, more than 100,000,000 young secondary school leavers will look for appropriate degree programs at universities. Like all generations, these young students have new preferences. 87% of this Gen Z assimilate games into their lives. These games are social, they are interactive, they offer rewarding challenges, they are immersive, and they are simply beautiful. In average, Gen Z`s use 6 different media devices and for 90% of them online videos are the most common and important form of media.

Imagine Z’s sitting 6 hours a day in front of a noisy lecture hall beamer…

Insights into
our metaverse.