Learning metaverse partner –
universities and companies.

Our 3D virtual campus will bring together students from different universities all around the world. Through a simple integration of our international partners into our learning metaverse, students from our partner universities and our partner companies will be able to access our virtual reality lectures.
We combine a socially interactive VR world with the best methodological knowledge in innovative virtual reality degree programs. Our learning metaverse enables students from different universities and trainers from different companies to come together and share experiences.

Advantages for
universities and companies
in our learning metaverse:

  • The marketing effect of our virtual reality university is considerable. We expect to receive significantly more applicants for our study places than we can manage ourselves. By integrating other universities into our Learning Metaverse, we get the chance to offer applicants alternative enrollment options with our partners.
  • Teaching is expensive. We offer our partner universities the chance to transfer parts of their teaching to us in an innovative way. By outsourcing teaching, our partner universities can focus primarily on research and save a lot of money.
  • We increase the knowledge base of all participating institutions. Cross-university knowledge development is very fruitful.

Join us.
Let’s shape the future
of learning together!

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